First Things First

So, you've decided it's time to make your move! Let us be the first to say congrats, pop the proverbial bottle, and give you a giant high five. Now that your first step is behind you, we want to make sure you're set up for success from the start, so we're going to give it to you straight - you're a buyer living in a seller's world. That's why it's essential that we arm you with all the necessary tools to make you stand out as a serious contender. Getting pre-approved tells sellers that you've done your homework, you know your price range, and you're ready and willing to follow through on homeownership. 


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Meeting Your Home

Getting down to business with house hunting is one of the most exciting times of the real estate process. Every email has the potential to be THE ONE, every open house is anticipated with crossed fingers, and you get to really fine tune what you like and don't like. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, we'll work to make sure you're comfortable through every step of the process, from defining your initial wants and needs, to adjusting your home search when new things arise or your priorities change. On top of listening to what's most important to you, we don't waste time. In today's fast-paced market, we never want you to miss an opportunity, so we get the RIGHT homes in front of you as soon as they hit the market. 

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Making It Official

We're not going to lie to you, it's a competitive scene out there. When you find THE ONE, making your offer count is one of the biggest obstacles we'll face. We specialize in staying in the know, communicating with all parties involved so we can structure an offer that stands out from the crowd. Advising you on what makes a strong presentation is the first step in getting you into the perfect home. While we'll give you honest, straightforward advice about how to write a phenomenal offer, your needs, comfort and bottom line always come first. 

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The Hurdles

Once we're in contract, the real work begins! You'll face several contingencies throughout your transaction, allowing us time to get to know the home before you're committed. We'll work with you to tackle the home inspection, repair addendum, term negotiations, appraisal and anything else that may arise during our contract. Making sure the finances, details and conditions of the agreement work for you is our job, and we won't rest until you're happily crossing your new threshold.

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The Finale

The last details have been worked out, the keys are in hand, and you find yourself a new homeowner. First and foremost, we recommend a glass of champagne, bourbon or your favorite Kombucha, whatever floats your boat. You've made it!!! More importantly, we want to emphasize that throughout your move-in and the years of happy living to come, you're never on your own. Our goal to create lifetime clients means whenever you want to chat about home maintenance recommendations, market updates, or your options for purchasing a second home in Bora Bora, we're here at the drop of a hat, guaranteed.

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